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The flag that burn our brain.
A freedom that bring a promise,
Red and white that symbolized a true effort,
Red and white that bring a hero come back in the deep side of hug.
Red and white that mix every idea, soul and heart.
Red and white that open your eyes about the unity of unique.
. . .


Under the light of the sun, your blood washes the hope, the last hope.
The high temperature of burden can’t stop your foot to run,
The faith that hold you in every time,
Be stronger for a small voice of victim.
Just a justice that guard you in that land, the land of fire.
. . .


Under the colour of that flag,
You take my hand, invite me to pray together.
Waste your time, young blood,
Remember a true dream of our country.
One in our soul, one in our footprints,



Alfa Amorista

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